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July 14, 2020 18:00 UTC

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Join us for a bunch of interesting talks!

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Mohamed Said - Laravel

The Power Of Laravel Queues

In this talk, I'll walk you through some cool features of the Laravel queue that makes it really powerful. We start with simple background tasks and progress our way to more complex workflows.

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Joseph Silber - Friendly Human

Doing more with less: Lazy Collections in Laravel

A deep dive into Lazy Collections. We'll learn what they are, how they work under the hood, and how to use them to vastly decrease your app's memory footprint.

Your Host

Freek Van der Herten

Freek Van der Herten

Freek Van der Herten is a developer and partner at Spatie. Together with his team he has released a great number of packages that are loved by the community.

He also records video courses, and publishes posts on PHP, Laravel, and programming in general on his blog.


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